An E30 M3 the wet dream of many enthusiasts and collectors . However, with the current prices of this generation for many unattainable. Fortunately, there is also an E30 M3 on a budget. And this is courtesy of the Italians (and to a lesser extent Portuguese).
On the papers, however, you will not see the coveted letter-digit combo. Under the anonymous guise of the code 320is (engine code S14b23 for those in the know), BMW built some 3,745 is models for the Italian and Portuguese markets, including 2,540 coupes and 1,205 four-doors. Because of Tax advantages, they had to downsize the 2.3 liter. The solution was in the same shorter-stroke engine, which reduced displacement to 2.0-liter but only slightly reduced power to 192hp. Although the 320is features an otherwise identical drivetrain with mechanical limited slip differential and the famous dog leg manual transmission (with first gear on the left below the reverse gear).

Frankly, the 320is seems to give you the best of both worlds: a quasi-identical powertrain as in the much more expensive M3s, and also wrapped in a less gaudy bodywork. And even as an investment, the 'is seems worth it. Our example is in fantastic condition with only original 64,000km. What also makes this E30 unique is the ex-factory delivery with Racing Dynamics (house tuner of BMW that time) engine chip and cold intakes. The car is specially numbered ex-factory. From inside to outside and bottom to top in exceptionally nice condition. A real opportunity for the collector enthusiast.


Price€ 46950
TypeE30 320is Italian M3
Year built1990
Number of doors2
Chassis numberWBAAK95060AE27897

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Also 4 very good Goodyear summer tires with beautiful BBS crown cork rims, Bilstein lowering set, alarm class 3 and all booklets present.