The new Porsche 911 GT3 (991) is a bigger step in the evolution of the 911 than anyone would expect. Because fifty years of Porsche 911: that's five decades of evolutionary tweaks, cautious adjustments, tenacity, fastidiousness and focus. And safe hands that handled their heritage with care and never played with the formula. And now Porsche suddenly decides that small steps should be replaced by a big leap? It is not so much the changes themselves that are significant, it is the car in which they have been made. This is the Porsche 911 GT3, Porsche's mission statement. The this-is-what-we-stand-for car, the essence of the company. Distilled and packed into 4.545 meters and 1,430 pounds of pure delight for the hardcore driver.

The engine produces a whopping 475 horsepower, which is 60 horsepower more than its predecessor and 25 horsepower more than the last RS version. Torque is "only" 440 Newton meters, but the GT3 has no turbocharger and is built to handle 9,000 rpm. If you've never heard of Hans Mezger, you're probably not much concerned with the engine's origins. But if you look in the cockpit and see "PRND" written on it: that's another matter. The GT3 uses a dual-clutch transmission. So no third pedal, just a matter of pulling the flipper behind the wheel.

Our Specimen has only 31,000km and is in original factory paint from front to back. The car has obviously been dealer maintained and all booklets are complete. The color scheme Agate gray with the lovely 918 bucket seats are the cream of the crop. In our opinion a perfectly executed 991 GT3 in sublime condition.


Price€ 156950
Type991 GT3 Clubsport
Year built2015
Number of doors2
Chassis numberWP0ZZZ99ZFS188352

Maintenance services

01-04-2015 at 0 km
03-08-2016 at 7,844 km
10-05-2017 at 11,453 km
21-05-2019 at 20,864 km
09-11-2020 at 25,057 km
05-08-2022 at 31,134 km


Also 2 original keys, 4 very good Michelin Cup2 tires, An unused tool kit and Leather board folder with all booklets.